Saturday, March 13, 2010

The wheels on the bus go...

My school bus does two separate runs of my town each morning, and I catch the second round. On the first round, the bus just so happened to breakdown in front of my school. The bus driver got onto some random bus (that goes to a primary school) that stopped to drop high schoolers off.,br>Today I was bored and decided to go to my bus stop ten minutes early just to kill time. The bus was twenty minutes late. It was hell standing under that hideous sun for half an hour!
When the bus finally arrived, I was like: What the heck? Why do we have this old bus?! Why are there little kids all over it?!?!
Question answered.
Instead of going to my school, the bus went to the primary school first, where the kids took forever to get off. Then when the bus was travelling to the high school, the driver almost rolled us—we got there so late that I had to sign in at the front office, and walk right into my first period class. Yes, we missed homeroom.
But it was kinda epic, I guess. Meh. I hate busses.

Trinna xx

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