Monday, March 22, 2010

Playground school bell rings...

A little bit about my day:

I had English first, which I normally love, but we were writing Sonnets .. the gayest thing in the world. I hate Shakespeare. Always Will. The English language would be so much easier if Shakespeare's mother had an abortion. Then I wouldn't be failing.

B discovered that recess is the best time to get me into trouble by chucking her cigarette packets at me. Nah, I’m only joking; we’re both environmentalists.

History was a no sleep lesson because the lesson was basically Miss Bucked-tooth giving us lectures on the I.T people cyber-stalking us to see if we're on Facebook & etc. TBH, I think it's kind of lame. Why give out laptops when they know that we are going to use it inappropriately? No use in blocking Facebook .. teenagers get entertain by anything on the internet whenever there's a teacher talking to herself in the classroom.

I got some sleep in period three, because it was science. We were watching a documentary on earthquakes. Occasionally, I would get awakened by the loud speakers in the room with the destruction of buildings & etc. Plus the room is all echo-y.

My little sister sat with my group and I at lunch again today. I hate it when she does that. I get that it’s her first year at high school, but can’t she make her own friends? And after I was hit in the face by a football twice, I officially have a fear of being hit by balls, just like Blaize.

PE was a waste of time since we had a substitute who didn't know how to work the overhead, and it look her twenty minutes to decide to go to the I.T man.

I wagged last period maths thanks to a dentist appointment, which was awesome because by the time we arrived at the dentist place, my mum realised that I’m actually booked there tomorrow afternoon. So I get to miss two periods of maths in a row! Woot! I love my teeth :D

Trinna xx


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β said...

I had the same teacher who couldn't work the projector thing last year. She got it working in the end.

Even Rolly knows smarter.