Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let the rain fall down...

Can I have a little truth-to-truth? Sometimes I hate posting. I can never think of anything to write about. But I was reading in one of my old magazines and they had this 'What I'm Loving' blog so I thought I'd do something similar (ps. I added pictures for your own entertainment).

x. Pon and Zi. These guys are so cute! I collect 'em all on my phone and then send them around to my friends. I have them as my desktop background, my phone wallpaper - everything, and if tehy had their own TV show I'd watch it anytime.

x. Love. Love. Everyone thinks about love, fantisises about it because it's, well, love. Friendly love, emo love, pon and zi love, family love, romantic love, animal love, never-met love, world love, green love, ocean love, object love.

x. Anime. The best sort of drawing it anime. I mean, cumon, is there anything beter - cooler and so damn fun to draw? I love my anime, my manga and my Tsubasa Books!!!

x. My Chickens. I'll write down the names of all the ones we've had (dead and alive) but that'll take up all of the post so I'll have a shout out even though they'll never read this because that'll be weird mixxed in with AWESOME. Shoutout to my girl Flower, babies Destiny and Indie, little Evie & Jojo and my always-be-in-my-heart Scott. [this picture is of Flower].

x. Books. I read books all the time, I lay in bed and read them for hours-on-end until I get a headache..and then I get a panadol and go and read it again...and then I get annyoed because it's hot...and then I finish the book and I have nothing to read until I get a new one:(

x. Rain. Summer is over-rated. It's hot, it's sweaty so the rain is always welcoming - especially when it leave that sunny coldness the day after. Yeah you get wet, yeah your hair goes curly, yeah you get a cold, yeah your flowers die, yeah your chickens are unhappy...but lets forget those points.

x. Environment. I mean trees. Trees rule. They rules everything everywhere. Spiders grow on trees *shudders*, and all that sciencey stuff that I cant ever be bothered to listen to...

x. Music. No matter what I’m feeling, there’s always a song out there that describes my mood perfectly. And music can also change your mood from “grouchy” to “eee happy”.

x. Friends. I love my friends. They make you laugh, they make you smile and (perferably not) make you cry. My friends complete me - I'll be nothing without them. Shout out to mine - Jane, Maddy, Stef, Daniela and Kirsten

x. The Beach. The beach. Do I need to say anymore?

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