Friday, January 29, 2010

Don’t try to hate me because I am so popular...

Yesterday was my first day back at school for the year, and it was no where near epic. It was basically the exact same as every other school day, only I was a sophomore.
We had five new students enrolled in my year, which was great because I’ve been looking forward to making a new friend. But no. Each of them had to have a ‘buddy’ who would show them around school, and other stuff. And every one of them was a ‘buddy’ to a prep. This meant they will all soon become preps, who would then pick on people such as me. Fail. There was this one girl, Clara, who was repeating the year (coz she had too many days off school), who I chatted with, and she seemed a potential new friend. But when the preps finally made it to class, they adopted her. OMG, I hate those people! It’s like popular people desperately want to be popular. Like, they don’t think they have enough ‘friends’. Literally, the popular clique at my school boasts a whopping 31 members! Seriously. And they believe they don’t have enough friends. Or maybe they just want the loners to stay loners. I think I’ll go stab thumbtacks into their photos.

Trinna xx

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I hate you now...

Another tag!! I was tagged by Cherry Pops {}
So 10 things I hate and love, this'll be easy - oh, and yeah, it's not in order again because I suck and keeping things in order.


1. Friends
2. Internet
3. Books!
4. My New Phone (which I'm getting tomorrow, eek!}
5. Writing
6. Reading
7. Drawing
8. Animals
9. My mum
10: Chocolate Ice-cream


1. Waiting
2. People who take too long on the library computers *cracks knuckles*
3. People who pay out a religion because they dont believe in the same thing
4. Vanilla Ice-Cream
5. Stomach Cramps
6. The heat
7. School
8. Markets
9. Ads
10. My dad

Lol. I've finished my list of 20 things!
Okay, I tagg

randomrawr -
Childish -
happy days -
Constructive Attitude -

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today I am under a heavy cloud...

I have dragged myself out the doldrums and decided to dedicate a song to my mood:
“Am I Not Pretty Enough” by Kasey Chambers. Read a copy of the lyrics here. I especially related to the lines: “Am I too outspoken/Don’t I make you laugh/Should I try it harder”, and of course, the entire chorus. I am gonna go cry now. Have a great Monday.

Trinna xx

Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 [8] things...

I got tagged by Random Rawr {} - I love doing surveys so this’ll be fun!! (These are not in order peeps!)

8 shows I like to watch:

1- Home And Away
2- Heroes
3- Packed To The Rafters
4- Desperate Housewives
5- The Simpsons (every nite till stupid Malcolm *crakes knuckles*)
6- Glee
7- Futurama
8- Friends

8 favorite Places I like to eat and drink

1- Home (duh)
2- At the beach
3- KFC
4- Thai Restaurant
5- Bowling Club
6- At School (not really but meh)
7- The Coffee Shop
8- Outside (my house)

8 things I look forward to

1- Holidays (again, lol)
2- Seeing my friends again
3- Home And Away returning
4- following Jesus on Twitter
5- Sleeping
6- travelling one day
7- Getting Gallagher Girls 4 (and Heist Society)
8- Watching Indie and Destiny grow up (their chickens)

8 things that happened yesterday

1- I woke up
2- I ate food
3- Walked to the library
4- I blinked
5- Got annoyed by my sister
6- Went outside
7- Read a book
8- Went to the toilet

8 things I love about winter

1- It’s not hot and sweaty
2- I can wear Jeans
3- I can wear my big fat black jacket
4- My birthday is in Winter
5- hating that I get a cold
6- having my electric blanket on 3 all day
7- Holidays
8- hot chocolate

8 things on my wish list

1- Get the Sims3!!!
2- A new Mp3 player
3- to not be lonered in my classes
4- To get my books published
5- my dad to die *mwah ha ha*
6- To loose my permanent tan
7- To travel the World
8- for no more markets—EVER

8 things I am passionate about

1- writing
2- drawing
3- reading
4- animals
5- music
6- God
7- Living
8- family and friends

8 words/phrases I use most often

1- Shaddap
2- Whatever
3- Guess what? You’re gay. heehee
4- Okayyer
5- Urgg
6- *sigh*
7- But...
8- Awwwww

8 things I learned from the past

1- I make my own choices, no one can have any impact to controlling how I think/do things in my life
2- If people are staring at you glare at them
3- If someone is staring at your mum give them dirty-look
4- I shouldn’t care what others think of me
5- I don't nessesarily wanna live that way, I make my own rules when I play, this game, called life I know you think I’m crazy, but I don't nessesarily wanna live like that, so when I’m cuming up to bat, you think I’m a failure but I’ve got heart, and I’m gonna hit this outta the park.
6- Being a loner isn’t really that bad.
7- NEVER think that because there’s this hole in an object you should stick your finger in it.
8- Be afraid of Super very afraid!

8 places I would like to visit

1- Egypt
2- Japan
3- Athens aka Rome
4- New Zealand
5- Antarctica!
6- Easter Island
7- All of Australia
8- Alaska

8 things I want/need (basically it’s all my wish-list)

1- Sims3
2- A new Mp3 player
3- To never have to do the markets again
4- Laptop
5- My English Degree (when I finish school, that is)
6- To get my books published.
7- A cool touch phone
8- My dad to die

8 people I would love to tag

1- Cherry Pops –
2- Lifers –
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On Monday my family and I went on a short holiday to Nambucca Heads. We had tons of fun there, swimming, shopping, and bushwalking. The highlight of it all was definitely walking along “The Wall” – a hedge of rocks – which was tiring but awesome! Each rock was individually painted by tourists and locals, creating a nice look. I’ve uploaded some of them below:

I love the way they carved this

Showing you how many rocks there were..

My two favourite music genres!

There were a lot of marriage proposals

I liked this one best

So true

Trinna xx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In a video...

(Disclaimer: the following video is very dumb..)

I can only hope that you will LAUGH AS HARD AS I DID and find it a brightening point in your day.

If you’re about to leave our page and not watch that video? Shame on you. Now don’t be too hard on yourself, a light slap on the wrist will do. Scroll back up. Push play. Get lost.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I make my own rules when I play...

So the holidays are almost over and (NOOO) school’s in. But I don't think they have a (cringe) High School Musical song for that, and if everyone got up and began singing because we have to hurl ourselves around for 7 whole hours for 5 times a week, I’d scream. Well that’s what I dreamed last night.
I know, you must be thinking ‘What a terrible nightmare!’, and yes, it was as horrible as it sounds. So when I couldn’t bear to go back to sleep and see Zac Efrons’ face I got up and did what I usually did when I had a nightmare - go onto Facebook.
I don't know how many people are on at 2 in the morning but I hadn’t been able to get on for a few days so this seemed like a great time to just catch up to my internet world...and then I was bombarded by my worst enemy...
Game requests! They were everywhere, man, for stupid things like Farm Animals which I don't why people waste their time on. So I wasted ten minutes clicking ‘ignore’ for all of them, until I could finally go onto my page and again get attacked by Social Interviews.
I hate Social Interviews so much I want to go and kill who ever invented them (especially those Kiss or Diss ones *shudders*), who cars what someone you’ve never met thinks of you? Or if they would Kiss or Diss you?
I usually spend my time getting them off my page but I was too outraged (and lazy) to even care.
I’d rather put up with singing freaks.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You’re hot and you’re cold...

My what’s Hot n what’s Not list.

Short Stack
Taylor Swift winning loads of awards
Camilla Belle breaking up with Joe Jonas
Colourful flip-flops

Jonas Brothers
The heatwave in WA
Selena Gomez and The Scene’s album
Car accidents

Trinna xx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the summer time that is where I'll be...

Hi There!
I suppose Trixx has already introduced you to us and our little blog.
We had decided that it’ll be cool to write this blog in about five seconds flat and then spent half-an-hour deciding what our names should be and we soon settled for something simple (and kind of gay in my opinion). So I guess I should tell you why Trixx and me (or I for those of you who have to be grammatically correct) decided to write this blog in the first place.
Well it’s exactly the same reason why just about everyone decides to write a blog—to tell you about our opinions on things/subjects and get it out there (for me another reason is to advertise me blog/novel, heehee).
So I think I’ve just finished up on Trixx’s intro (and no, we’re not TB, BT or anything like that).
And its still summer (a season which I hate since I’m all for winter) school is still put off for about a week and that means we still have a chance to just chill at the beach for endless hours, talk on the phone for endless hours, be on the internet for endless hours and for me, at least, sit in front of a fan/Air Con for endless hours. Lol.
Signing off.


Friday, January 8, 2010

We were both young when I first saw you…

We were both young when I first saw you...

Well this is awkward, isn’t it?
We don’t know you, you don’t know us, but don’t worry you soon will.
All you need to know is that we’re Trinity and B — together forming TB (though B votes against it) — and we’re just two random friends who one day decided to start our own ‘joint effort’.
In quick summary, in this blog is just a bunch of opinions, random stuff we stumble across, and general musings nobody would find entertaining. Oh, well. I hope we haven’t bored you to death already!

Much love :-]

Trinna xx