Sunday, March 28, 2010

So much for a happy ending...


I was watching Atonement the other night and at first it appeared like something that would seem disgusting but with nothing better to do for the night I just watched it and I LOVED it!
I love the sad ending, about how the younger sister ruined the time that her sister and her sister’s love life needed by sending him to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.
I’m full of bad-endings. I love them, they complete me because movies now are just so full off happy-endings where the guy gets the girl, kills the baddie and they live happily-ever-after.
Oh, and I hate those endings where the main character risks their life and it looks like they’re dead and then they wake up and everyone’s happy and then there’s this sweet ending,
But in Atonement the guy dies the day the army was returning home and the main character never got to make things right with her sister because her sister died in a flooding accident.
So hurray for sad endings!
Although everyone would prefer their life not to end badly because sad endings aren’t really good in real-life – only for awesome movies like ‘So Close’ , ‘Atonement’, ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Glass Slipper’ and ‘About a Girl’.

Over and out

-- β

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playground school bell rings...

A little bit about my day:

I had English first, which I normally love, but we were writing Sonnets .. the gayest thing in the world. I hate Shakespeare. Always Will. The English language would be so much easier if Shakespeare's mother had an abortion. Then I wouldn't be failing.

B discovered that recess is the best time to get me into trouble by chucking her cigarette packets at me. Nah, I’m only joking; we’re both environmentalists.

History was a no sleep lesson because the lesson was basically Miss Bucked-tooth giving us lectures on the I.T people cyber-stalking us to see if we're on Facebook & etc. TBH, I think it's kind of lame. Why give out laptops when they know that we are going to use it inappropriately? No use in blocking Facebook .. teenagers get entertain by anything on the internet whenever there's a teacher talking to herself in the classroom.

I got some sleep in period three, because it was science. We were watching a documentary on earthquakes. Occasionally, I would get awakened by the loud speakers in the room with the destruction of buildings & etc. Plus the room is all echo-y.

My little sister sat with my group and I at lunch again today. I hate it when she does that. I get that it’s her first year at high school, but can’t she make her own friends? And after I was hit in the face by a football twice, I officially have a fear of being hit by balls, just like Blaize.

PE was a waste of time since we had a substitute who didn't know how to work the overhead, and it look her twenty minutes to decide to go to the I.T man.

I wagged last period maths thanks to a dentist appointment, which was awesome because by the time we arrived at the dentist place, my mum realised that I’m actually booked there tomorrow afternoon. So I get to miss two periods of maths in a row! Woot! I love my teeth :D

Trinna xx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A battlefield...

Just a random question:

Who do you like more, Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers?

My school at the moment it spilt into two teams: Team JB, and Team JB. It’s a war. I don’t know which side to pick as I hate them both!

Trinna xx

Monday, March 15, 2010

I’m right you’re wrong move on...

I have a part-time job as a salesperson. And believe me, it really makes you appreciate school..

I’m at the cash register checking out a customer. She hands me her bank card.
Me: “Debit?” (We have to ask this because some people don’t know the pin for it.)
Customer: “Credit.”
Me: “Can I see your ID, please?”
Customer: *annoyed* “Uh, this is stupid.”
Me: “What is?”
Customer: “That I have to get my ID. It’s debit too.”
Me: “Did you not tell me credit? I didn’t know that meant debit, I will try to read your mind next time.
Customer: “Well it’s stupid to ask for ID.”
Me: “Like I said, I will try to read your mind next time. And if you happen to lose your card today and someone else finds it and tries to use it here, I will be happy not to check for ID. Thank you. Bye.
*Customer rolls eyes and walks out*


Trinna xx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The wheels on the bus go...

My school bus does two separate runs of my town each morning, and I catch the second round. On the first round, the bus just so happened to breakdown in front of my school. The bus driver got onto some random bus (that goes to a primary school) that stopped to drop high schoolers off.,br>Today I was bored and decided to go to my bus stop ten minutes early just to kill time. The bus was twenty minutes late. It was hell standing under that hideous sun for half an hour!
When the bus finally arrived, I was like: What the heck? Why do we have this old bus?! Why are there little kids all over it?!?!
Question answered.
Instead of going to my school, the bus went to the primary school first, where the kids took forever to get off. Then when the bus was travelling to the high school, the driver almost rolled us—we got there so late that I had to sign in at the front office, and walk right into my first period class. Yes, we missed homeroom.
But it was kinda epic, I guess. Meh. I hate busses.

Trinna xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let the rain fall down...

Can I have a little truth-to-truth? Sometimes I hate posting. I can never think of anything to write about. But I was reading in one of my old magazines and they had this 'What I'm Loving' blog so I thought I'd do something similar (ps. I added pictures for your own entertainment).

x. Pon and Zi. These guys are so cute! I collect 'em all on my phone and then send them around to my friends. I have them as my desktop background, my phone wallpaper - everything, and if tehy had their own TV show I'd watch it anytime.

x. Love. Love. Everyone thinks about love, fantisises about it because it's, well, love. Friendly love, emo love, pon and zi love, family love, romantic love, animal love, never-met love, world love, green love, ocean love, object love.

x. Anime. The best sort of drawing it anime. I mean, cumon, is there anything beter - cooler and so damn fun to draw? I love my anime, my manga and my Tsubasa Books!!!

x. My Chickens. I'll write down the names of all the ones we've had (dead and alive) but that'll take up all of the post so I'll have a shout out even though they'll never read this because that'll be weird mixxed in with AWESOME. Shoutout to my girl Flower, babies Destiny and Indie, little Evie & Jojo and my always-be-in-my-heart Scott. [this picture is of Flower].

x. Books. I read books all the time, I lay in bed and read them for hours-on-end until I get a headache..and then I get a panadol and go and read it again...and then I get annyoed because it's hot...and then I finish the book and I have nothing to read until I get a new one:(

x. Rain. Summer is over-rated. It's hot, it's sweaty so the rain is always welcoming - especially when it leave that sunny coldness the day after. Yeah you get wet, yeah your hair goes curly, yeah you get a cold, yeah your flowers die, yeah your chickens are unhappy...but lets forget those points.

x. Environment. I mean trees. Trees rule. They rules everything everywhere. Spiders grow on trees *shudders*, and all that sciencey stuff that I cant ever be bothered to listen to...

x. Music. No matter what I’m feeling, there’s always a song out there that describes my mood perfectly. And music can also change your mood from “grouchy” to “eee happy”.

x. Friends. I love my friends. They make you laugh, they make you smile and (perferably not) make you cry. My friends complete me - I'll be nothing without them. Shout out to mine - Jane, Maddy, Stef, Daniela and Kirsten

x. The Beach. The beach. Do I need to say anymore?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What’s it like to feel so strong?

So y’all probably heard of the human who was killed by a killer whale? Like, in a zoo or whatever, not in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean. And I’m guessing you heard of how the other humans decided not to put it down. Yes, that’s what I thought--why did they consider killing the poor (endangered?) animal for doing something we’d all do if in that position? Like, who wouldn’t want to kill a human, let alone a human who was keeping you captive? (Sorry, I just realised that I’m asking too many rhetorical questions. I’ll try to cut back on my usage of them.)
As I was saying, it's so unfair! If a dog attacked a human, the dog will be euthanatized. But if the human attacked the dog or another human, they’d pretty much be let off scot-free. And if the dog only attacked the human in the first place because the human was about the kill it, guess who’d be executed--yup, the victim.
Gosh, I hate humans!

Trinna xx

Monday, March 1, 2010

Everything's cool as long as I'm getting thinner...

On the bus to school there are usually these two seventh grade boys who just go about everything crazily, talking extremely loud and making fools of themselves – but there’s one thing – they don't care what other people think about them because IT DOESN’T MATTER.

I’ve been trying to obtain that ever since they in rolled in the school.

I don't mean I want to talk about the strangest stuff and put my hands up when the bus goes downwards like I’m on a roller-coaster but I want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin, to not have to worry if my hair looks bad or my eyes are bloodshot.

Doesn’t everyone?

Instead we stand at the mirror everyday before school or work and try to make our hair perfect by straightening it everyday, or putting too much make-up to hide tiny pimple on your nose.

I have to admit – I’m one of those girls.

Or well, I’m trying to come out of that by starting Feel-good-counselling. I’ve made a pact to stop straightening my hair everyday and not care if it sticks to my face because I’m sweating or turns into a frizzy mess. I’m trying to start to eat cereal *cringe* and do my homework when I come home from school.

So far I’ve only managed the first one but I’m gonna keep trying to get out of this because wouldn’t you feel much, much better if you start caring for yourself inside than the outside.

My friend has this favourite saying: A pimple can’t kill you – liver-poison/cancer/heart-attacks CAN.

Okay, I lied; my friend doesn’t have a saying that goes like that because it is kind of lame – but so true.

Over and Out