Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What’s it like to feel so strong?

So y’all probably heard of the human who was killed by a killer whale? Like, in a zoo or whatever, not in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean. And I’m guessing you heard of how the other humans decided not to put it down. Yes, that’s what I thought--why did they consider killing the poor (endangered?) animal for doing something we’d all do if in that position? Like, who wouldn’t want to kill a human, let alone a human who was keeping you captive? (Sorry, I just realised that I’m asking too many rhetorical questions. I’ll try to cut back on my usage of them.)
As I was saying, it's so unfair! If a dog attacked a human, the dog will be euthanatized. But if the human attacked the dog or another human, they’d pretty much be let off scot-free. And if the dog only attacked the human in the first place because the human was about the kill it, guess who’d be executed--yup, the victim.
Gosh, I hate humans!

Trinna xx

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