Thursday, February 25, 2010

When I see you cry it makes me smile...

What makes you smile?

I smile at, like, the randomest things. And I mean random.
By friends are usually the ones that make me smile and I know I'm going onto teh whole inner peace thing but whatever.

It's pretty easy to make me smile or laugh and I dont mean comedy movies because they are pretty lame and trying unless you watch something lame like Justin Biebers one more time music videos but you cant really say thats a movie.

Just the other day I was sitting on the bus and two little girls came and sat down in front of me and they were given an assignment to find the things that make them "smile".

I thought it was pretty cute that they were given an assignment - but that's not the point.

The point is that it made me think about the things that made me smile. I know this guy who NEVER smiles and he just stands there and says things like 'yes' 'no' 'freak' and stuff like, VERY antisocial, but anyway it's not really fun when someone doesn't smile - you'll think that guy doesn't have any lips or something TO smile.

I know my dad never smiles and when someone smiles it can just help cheer up their or your little world. Never thought something like that could be so over-powering and huge didja?

So just smile more often.

I know I'm getting a head of myself but you know those people who generally have a huge ability to just crack up random jokes and stuff?

I envy them.

Monday, February 22, 2010

OK, I’m about do something really weird right now, and that is I’m apologising for B’s spelling and grammatical errors in her last post, and well, just about every other post. It’s not her fault she doesn’t listen to me when I say “Don’t forget to do spell-check!” And it’s not her fault she’s illiterate and only got into the top English class because she likes Star Wars and Doctor Who.
OH. I think it’s about time you found out what TB (Trixx and B) look like, so below is a photograph of us.

We’re so cool.

Trinna xx

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its murder in the club tonight...

My and Trixx are always coming up with strange things to say to each other(like our song lyric fights,) but recently we were invoked in asking each other these strange questions so I thought that I'd put them on here just to see what everyone else would do if it happened to them.

1. You whole family is out for the whole week and your the only one at home. Your laying in your bed when suddenly you hear someone call out your name really softly then again, and again, and again - and then suddenly you hear a little tap on the door and a eerie voice calls out your name.
I would get up and go and investigate, but T says that's how people get killed in horror movies...

2. Your walking down the street in the middle of the night and then a stranger approaches you (anyone, preferably NOT a little kid, someone creepy!) and then they make their hand like a figure of a gun (like you would when you are a kid and play cops & robbers) and says "hands up!"
I would stare at the person and then slowly WALK AWAY

3. Your talking with your friend when a stranger or person you don't know very well comes up and shoves you
I would glare at the person and ask them 'what was that for?'

Okay, so that's the end of the creepy, weird and VERY random questions.



Friday, February 19, 2010

My heart is beating like a jungle drum...

Hey, I'm in love,
My fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart.
Hey, I can't stop my feet,
Ebony and ivory and dancing in the street.
Hey, it's because of you,
The world is in a crazy, hazy hue.

Trinna xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

They’re all so dumb and immature…

Wow, some ad's are really stupid...
There's this one ad about Clearacil. This girl is texting a guy while she’s at school, saying she can’t hang out with him or whatever. Then her friend says, "Your not going to blow him off, are you?" The girls like, "I can feel a pimple coming on :(" And her friend is all like, "You should use this!" and pulls out a Clearacil pen thing, explaining what it does and stuff. So the girl uses it, and then writes on a piece of paper and walks into the middle of a class with like 50 people in it. Everyone stops and watches her as she passes the note to the guy whom she was texting, and it says "See you at the cafĂ©." Everyone cheers as she walks out. OMG STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trinna xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd rather stay awake while I'm asleep...

I shall announce that I'm a cheater.
- Not the sort that runs fast (I am DESFINATLY that sort that does NOT run fast), but the sort that skips out on things to make it easier on themselves.
I cheat all the time, from doing 20 push-ups in PE to leaving my uniform at home so I dont have to do it - and then I even cheat again in that too because we have to right lines and I usually only write about 40 or less.
Okay, I'm not fat or anything (And I'm not saying I'm not fat because I dont like being fat which I am not) I'm actually pretty skinny although I still stare at my thighs and think 'urh' who doesn't?
So no, I'm not unfit, not in the fat way although my hair is pretty fat - my hair is so ANNOYING. It wont stay straight, it doesn't curl or anything it just tangles and falls out of place so people have a reason to stare at me and think 'poor person, bad hair day...'
But then when they stare at me I glare at them until they look away or make a face and look away, or give me the finger then look away - but in a nutshell - THEY LOOK AWAY.
Okay, I was just re-reading all of this and I have noticed that I had gone from trying to confess about my cheating ways to talking about people staring at me...

oh well, that me for you

I have super-powers

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It makes me smile...

Blaize @ Random Rawr has just given us an award (yes, even loser blogs get awards)! It’s quite simple; all I need to do is write a list of Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

1. My friends. Though most of them are Goths and epic fails, we always have the best time and do everything together. They never fail to make me smile.
2. Rainy days. While most people love the sun, seven years of almost continuous sun makes you really, really sick of it. The rare occasions that it does rain make me extremely happy. There's just something about rain; the smell of it, how when it rains you're allowed to be lazy... It's just epicness.
3. Music. No matter what I’m feeling, there’s always a song out there that describes my mood perfectly. And music can also change your mood from “grouchy” to “eee happy”.
4. Myspace. I only just discovered this site (yes, I know, I’m about 6 years behind everyone else). Reading what my friends are up to, and watching dodgy live videos is pure awesome.
5. My Family. If I have a bad day, they’d defo cheer me up.
6. Making other people happy. If you can achieve this, you know you’ve done a week’s worth of good deeds.
7. Summer. There’s nothing like lying on the beach (clad in sunscreen, of course) under the rays of the evil sun (or umbrella), listening to the sound of the waves crashing, water splashing... *sigh*.
8. Chocolate. Harry Potter was right with this one, eating chocolate is scientifically proven to make you happy, so of course it's going to make my list. My all-time favourite is honeycomb chocolate, just in case you ever wanted to buy me some. XP
9. Parties. I’m not talking about your Cory Worthington parties, where complete randoms rock up, and the police are called hundreds of times because your stereo volume is on 9000. I’m talking about get-togethers with friends and relatives, and kiddie sleepovers, with teacups on the table, and your stuffed toys sitting next to you. Good times, good times.
10. Being myself. Life’s not a stage, and we shouldn’t care what other people think, because the odds are we’ll see them again in our lives (this includes everybody from school).

Now, I have to pass this onto 10 bloggers, but I don’t know 10 bloggers. So I’m gonna be a bad girl and bend the rules a little; – ANYBODY can copy+paste this onto their blog! Woot!

Trinna xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When I said go I never meant away...

Hey People!

I love writing my new novel, Rogue, it's just so much fun! It's about... uh-oh, Trixx is giving me that look that says 'Dont talk about your stupid story all the time'.
Oh - She's going off about me writing that!! Help!
When I die I'm coming back for you