Thursday, February 25, 2010

When I see you cry it makes me smile...

What makes you smile?

I smile at, like, the randomest things. And I mean random.
By friends are usually the ones that make me smile and I know I'm going onto teh whole inner peace thing but whatever.

It's pretty easy to make me smile or laugh and I dont mean comedy movies because they are pretty lame and trying unless you watch something lame like Justin Biebers one more time music videos but you cant really say thats a movie.

Just the other day I was sitting on the bus and two little girls came and sat down in front of me and they were given an assignment to find the things that make them "smile".

I thought it was pretty cute that they were given an assignment - but that's not the point.

The point is that it made me think about the things that made me smile. I know this guy who NEVER smiles and he just stands there and says things like 'yes' 'no' 'freak' and stuff like, VERY antisocial, but anyway it's not really fun when someone doesn't smile - you'll think that guy doesn't have any lips or something TO smile.

I know my dad never smiles and when someone smiles it can just help cheer up their or your little world. Never thought something like that could be so over-powering and huge didja?

So just smile more often.

I know I'm getting a head of myself but you know those people who generally have a huge ability to just crack up random jokes and stuff?

I envy them.


Orkut said...

I smile when I see someone screaming at a spider

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