Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'd rather stay awake while I'm asleep...

I shall announce that I'm a cheater.
- Not the sort that runs fast (I am DESFINATLY that sort that does NOT run fast), but the sort that skips out on things to make it easier on themselves.
I cheat all the time, from doing 20 push-ups in PE to leaving my uniform at home so I dont have to do it - and then I even cheat again in that too because we have to right lines and I usually only write about 40 or less.
Okay, I'm not fat or anything (And I'm not saying I'm not fat because I dont like being fat which I am not) I'm actually pretty skinny although I still stare at my thighs and think 'urh' who doesn't?
So no, I'm not unfit, not in the fat way although my hair is pretty fat - my hair is so ANNOYING. It wont stay straight, it doesn't curl or anything it just tangles and falls out of place so people have a reason to stare at me and think 'poor person, bad hair day...'
But then when they stare at me I glare at them until they look away or make a face and look away, or give me the finger then look away - but in a nutshell - THEY LOOK AWAY.
Okay, I was just re-reading all of this and I have noticed that I had gone from trying to confess about my cheating ways to talking about people staring at me...

oh well, that me for you

I have super-powers


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