Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its murder in the club tonight...

My and Trixx are always coming up with strange things to say to each other(like our song lyric fights,) but recently we were invoked in asking each other these strange questions so I thought that I'd put them on here just to see what everyone else would do if it happened to them.

1. You whole family is out for the whole week and your the only one at home. Your laying in your bed when suddenly you hear someone call out your name really softly then again, and again, and again - and then suddenly you hear a little tap on the door and a eerie voice calls out your name.
I would get up and go and investigate, but T says that's how people get killed in horror movies...

2. Your walking down the street in the middle of the night and then a stranger approaches you (anyone, preferably NOT a little kid, someone creepy!) and then they make their hand like a figure of a gun (like you would when you are a kid and play cops & robbers) and says "hands up!"
I would stare at the person and then slowly WALK AWAY

3. Your talking with your friend when a stranger or person you don't know very well comes up and shoves you
I would glare at the person and ask them 'what was that for?'

Okay, so that's the end of the creepy, weird and VERY random questions.



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Orkut said...

4 the last one I wuld suv em back