Sunday, January 10, 2010

In the summer time that is where I'll be...

Hi There!
I suppose Trixx has already introduced you to us and our little blog.
We had decided that it’ll be cool to write this blog in about five seconds flat and then spent half-an-hour deciding what our names should be and we soon settled for something simple (and kind of gay in my opinion). So I guess I should tell you why Trixx and me (or I for those of you who have to be grammatically correct) decided to write this blog in the first place.
Well it’s exactly the same reason why just about everyone decides to write a blog—to tell you about our opinions on things/subjects and get it out there (for me another reason is to advertise me blog/novel, heehee).
So I think I’ve just finished up on Trixx’s intro (and no, we’re not TB, BT or anything like that).
And its still summer (a season which I hate since I’m all for winter) school is still put off for about a week and that means we still have a chance to just chill at the beach for endless hours, talk on the phone for endless hours, be on the internet for endless hours and for me, at least, sit in front of a fan/Air Con for endless hours. Lol.
Signing off.


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