Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 [8] things...

I got tagged by Random Rawr {} - I love doing surveys so this’ll be fun!! (These are not in order peeps!)

8 shows I like to watch:

1- Home And Away
2- Heroes
3- Packed To The Rafters
4- Desperate Housewives
5- The Simpsons (every nite till stupid Malcolm *crakes knuckles*)
6- Glee
7- Futurama
8- Friends

8 favorite Places I like to eat and drink

1- Home (duh)
2- At the beach
3- KFC
4- Thai Restaurant
5- Bowling Club
6- At School (not really but meh)
7- The Coffee Shop
8- Outside (my house)

8 things I look forward to

1- Holidays (again, lol)
2- Seeing my friends again
3- Home And Away returning
4- following Jesus on Twitter
5- Sleeping
6- travelling one day
7- Getting Gallagher Girls 4 (and Heist Society)
8- Watching Indie and Destiny grow up (their chickens)

8 things that happened yesterday

1- I woke up
2- I ate food
3- Walked to the library
4- I blinked
5- Got annoyed by my sister
6- Went outside
7- Read a book
8- Went to the toilet

8 things I love about winter

1- It’s not hot and sweaty
2- I can wear Jeans
3- I can wear my big fat black jacket
4- My birthday is in Winter
5- hating that I get a cold
6- having my electric blanket on 3 all day
7- Holidays
8- hot chocolate

8 things on my wish list

1- Get the Sims3!!!
2- A new Mp3 player
3- to not be lonered in my classes
4- To get my books published
5- my dad to die *mwah ha ha*
6- To loose my permanent tan
7- To travel the World
8- for no more markets—EVER

8 things I am passionate about

1- writing
2- drawing
3- reading
4- animals
5- music
6- God
7- Living
8- family and friends

8 words/phrases I use most often

1- Shaddap
2- Whatever
3- Guess what? You’re gay. heehee
4- Okayyer
5- Urgg
6- *sigh*
7- But...
8- Awwwww

8 things I learned from the past

1- I make my own choices, no one can have any impact to controlling how I think/do things in my life
2- If people are staring at you glare at them
3- If someone is staring at your mum give them dirty-look
4- I shouldn’t care what others think of me
5- I don't nessesarily wanna live that way, I make my own rules when I play, this game, called life I know you think I’m crazy, but I don't nessesarily wanna live like that, so when I’m cuming up to bat, you think I’m a failure but I’ve got heart, and I’m gonna hit this outta the park.
6- Being a loner isn’t really that bad.
7- NEVER think that because there’s this hole in an object you should stick your finger in it.
8- Be afraid of Super very afraid!

8 places I would like to visit

1- Egypt
2- Japan
3- Athens aka Rome
4- New Zealand
5- Antarctica!
6- Easter Island
7- All of Australia
8- Alaska

8 things I want/need (basically it’s all my wish-list)

1- Sims3
2- A new Mp3 player
3- To never have to do the markets again
4- Laptop
5- My English Degree (when I finish school, that is)
6- To get my books published.
7- A cool touch phone
8- My dad to die

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