Monday, January 18, 2010

I make my own rules when I play...

So the holidays are almost over and (NOOO) school’s in. But I don't think they have a (cringe) High School Musical song for that, and if everyone got up and began singing because we have to hurl ourselves around for 7 whole hours for 5 times a week, I’d scream. Well that’s what I dreamed last night.
I know, you must be thinking ‘What a terrible nightmare!’, and yes, it was as horrible as it sounds. So when I couldn’t bear to go back to sleep and see Zac Efrons’ face I got up and did what I usually did when I had a nightmare - go onto Facebook.
I don't know how many people are on at 2 in the morning but I hadn’t been able to get on for a few days so this seemed like a great time to just catch up to my internet world...and then I was bombarded by my worst enemy...
Game requests! They were everywhere, man, for stupid things like Farm Animals which I don't why people waste their time on. So I wasted ten minutes clicking ‘ignore’ for all of them, until I could finally go onto my page and again get attacked by Social Interviews.
I hate Social Interviews so much I want to go and kill who ever invented them (especially those Kiss or Diss ones *shudders*), who cars what someone you’ve never met thinks of you? Or if they would Kiss or Diss you?
I usually spend my time getting them off my page but I was too outraged (and lazy) to even care.
I’d rather put up with singing freaks.

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